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Nordson's Talent Pipeline in Action: Meet Jordan Hyde

Jordan Hyde
University of Akron student Jordan Hyde begins another day at Nordson


Nordson’s talent pipeline starts early. By providing STEM learning opportunities in our communities and supporting students through college, we aim to build relationships with students long before they their careers begin – and build a bright future for our industry, too. But does the system work? Jordan Hyde, a mechanical engineering major at the University of Akron, shared his experience.

Jordan first learned about Nordson through his high school robotics team. He’s now completing his second summer internship at our Amherst, Ohio facility.

“Not only did Nordson provide funding for our robotics team, they also provided us with resources to use their facilities and even helped us build our robots,” Jordan said. “The company was also generous enough to give our team numerous tours of the Amherst facility, which is how I got interested in working for Nordson. On some of the Nordson tours, I met engineering managers like Joe Schroeder and Jeremy Krone who inspired me to pursue a career in engineering.”

With encouragement from Nordson employees and his high school robotics mentor, Jordan applied for a Nordson BUILDS scholarship during his senior year of high school. Nordson CEO Mike Hilton and Cecilia Render, Director of the Nordson Corporation Foundation, launched the Nordson BUILDS program in 2013 to develop a diverse pool of local students pursuing careers in manufacturing. Amonica Davis, student outreach program manager, leads the program.

“It’s very important for us to be proactive and intentional in creating a talent pipeline so we can fill those gaps that are going to be upon us very shortly with retirements in the next five to ten years,” Amonica said. “A good way for students to learn about careers in our industry and what it really looks like is by providing opportunities for internships.”

While internships are not guaranteed to scholarship recipients, they do gain primary access to internship opportunities. Jordan and 20 other Nordson BUILDS scholars will join Nordson as interns this summer, a number that has continually grown each year.

“My experience in the Nordson BUILDS program has not only enabled me to receive financial aid for my education, it’s also allowed me to apply as a freshman to work a mechanical engineering internship in my hometown,” Jordan said. “Being a Nordson BUILDS scholar helped me make connections with employees at Nordson and build a network.”

The support did not stop there. After completing his first internship, Jordan’s Nordson mentors encouraged him to apply for an internship in another department the following summer to broaden his work experience. Now he’s interning in our automotive lab department.

From high school through college, Nordson has supported Jordan each step of the way.

“This experience taught me more about what a real business is, so I hope I get to work at Nordson,” Jordan said, “But if not, I could take those skills to my future career. How to work with other people, good characteristics of leadership, things like that Nordson really taught me.”